Liability. Late night walks in the city lights. Late night cruising in humid air. Catcalls and cross arms and closed faces. Tortillas with peas and eggs and cheddar, stacks and stacks of Ritz. Banana pancake things in soft grey mornings. Jiggling jammed bike locks. Perfect, glowy skin save for a large and gently swelling pimpleContinue reading “snapshot”

an artless snapshot of my friendships

This weekend, I had so many invitations I didn’t know what to do with them. I’ve magically become friends with MC, and after meeting her friends for a weekend, I remember now what it’s like to have a group of people genuinely want to get to know you, who value you. I realize that perhapsContinue reading “an artless snapshot of my friendships”

journal #12, 1/3/17

1/3/17, 11:35am, sitting on the beach a bit north of k–‘s place a snapshot: ´╗┐nine pelicans in a row, doing a wave of sorts, movements starting from the first and rippling down to the last as each hits that break or lift in the wind. it’s cubism in nature: several instants, all at once; simultaneityContinue reading “journal #12, 1/3/17”

Notes From The Plane Ride Here

1/24/16, 3:08am, notes from iPhone It’s raining in my hometown, the one city where it never rains. I know this from inside the plane, as water streams frantically, pressed against the side of the plane, and I catch just the 10 – inch section of the river through my window. Sharp lines against texture. IContinue reading “Notes From The Plane Ride Here”