Smooth Going – Overview

I don’t really have much to write. No big events. No problems, even, really. Just daily life and everything is la-di-da and amazing.  My grades in all my classes have settled (since now tests and whatnot have been entered) and I have solid A’s…except for freakin’ english because my insane teacher VS refuses to acceptContinue reading “Smooth Going – Overview”

injured :(

so yeah. i’m injured. last week at the track meet i gashed my leg with my track spikes and every time i bend my knee it splits open again…and its the most gorgeous thing ever. really. i wish my face was that gorgeous. nah actually it looks frankensteinish. but what it basically comes down toContinue reading “injured :(“

good week (2/29 – 3/3)

so on wednesday it was too long ago so i honestly can’t recall a thing that happened. which basically means nothing happened. i DO remember that at track the coach wasn’t there so we did like a mile and left. which i was glad because my foot started to hurt. wait i also remember i hadContinue reading “good week (2/29 – 3/3)”