more thoughts on what that list brings to light

The total package is the person with the remarkable quality, a kindness, an ease in interactions, and a strength of character. I think there are some people on that list who have all but the strength of character, but they’re made up such that everything else makes up for it and I still want to get toContinue reading “more thoughts on what that list brings to light”

a note on HJ

I think plenty of people who have an impression on me pass through my life without my writing about it on here. I thought I’d catch one of those in my net today — HJ is an awesome dude who I’ve always wanted to get to know better, and at the beginning on this semester,Continue reading “a note on HJ”

a quiet walk back in the first snow of the year

there is something about snow that takes me back to last year this time last year, I had WH and JKm and I had this coat and this breath of cold air and these yellow street lights these I still have. there exist those I no longer have but I did not have these white leatherContinue reading “a quiet walk back in the first snow of the year”

JS (I guess so)

Well, we had that date, which went so smoothly and well I was amazed at how much I enjoyed his company and yet how easy it was. We cooked, so very chill and low-key, but so right. And how much we had in common! Film, coincidentally. Somehow, aligning music tastes – he introduced me toContinue reading “JS (I guess so)”

Goals for this year

Friends Keep up the group dynamic, but balance it properly with a good mix of individual friends that I care about deeply. People to focus on: AM, YM, MH, SF?, ES, RK. Groups to focus on: The guys, the girls. Peripherally: AM’s friends, the transfers, the folky crew. Probably not the B— crew. School: figureContinue reading “Goals for this year”

The Horror That Comes When You Read Your Old Posts

My goodness. I actually hate my old self. 2011 me? Spoiled, sheltered, petty little freshman girl with no confidence and no empathy. She’s self-centered, and not even in a reflective sort of way – she’s wrapped up in the coming and goings of her mundane, boring everyday life. Like, what I ate for breakfast, and theContinue reading “The Horror That Comes When You Read Your Old Posts”