another one….

well woke up yet again and my mom decides to nag me about ‘resting so my immune system can get the energy it needs to properly defend….etc, etc.’   so i did not do the work out. if i keep this up, my abs are going to completely disappear! the progress on my lower absContinue reading “another one….”


well just practiced (or tried to practice) spreading for about half an hour. did not work. at all. i started by reading at a normal pace and timing. then i would [try] to spread it and time that. i took the difference and wrote it down. then i tried to beat my spreading time. wellContinue reading “spreadin”

another pleasant day 2-4-6

woke up and decided to go back to another go-to outfit of mine: black cardigan (with pushed up sleeves), two scarves (skulls and flowers to lighten it up), white tank,and jeans. hair looked awful but i just left it. did some of my mini workout but my mom woke up and started nagging me. sheContinue reading “another pleasant day 2-4-6”

Day 3 of debate

So, as you know, i had a raging awful fever. so i turned off my alarm. there was no way i was getting up at 5:30 to slice bagels with a fever. screw that, so i went at 11:15. yeah i slept in till 10:30. that NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. so i went, talked toContinue reading “Day 3 of debate”