College Visits Day #9: Pittsburgh 4/12/14

Mom was in a sad mood still. I set of acted normal (but on the nice side). We headed back to CMU and I explored the building for like half an hour before I finally asked a student where the practice rooms were. They were locked, but we got a stroke of luck and aContinue reading “College Visits Day #9: Pittsburgh 4/12/14”

College Visits Day #8: Pittsburgh 4/12/14

Today was amazing and awful at the same time. We left my mom’s friend’s house early to catch my lesson at CMU with the professor. IT WAS AMAZING. Man. She’s this old, slightly pruney old lady – I was a little worried, because she’s asian, and my last asian teacher was terrible, but I wasContinue reading “College Visits Day #8: Pittsburgh 4/12/14”

College Visits Day #7: Oberlin 4/11/14

Man oh man oh man. Why. I visited Oberlin.  Not because I was actually considering the school – there’s no way I could get in – but because it’s like Harvard. Or Stanford. And it was on the way – why not, ya know?  Well, I fell in love. The info session, the tour –Continue reading “College Visits Day #7: Oberlin 4/11/14”

College Visits Day #6: Columbus 4/6/14

Ohio State got off to a bad start. Our tour was at 1pm, so we had zero motivation to be productive – we got out of the hotel around 9:30am, drove there, tried to find parking for an entire hour. My mom thought the area looked bad, so of course, she automatically hated the school.Continue reading “College Visits Day #6: Columbus 4/6/14”

College Visits Day #5: Cincinnati 4/9/14

Well…today was surprisingly wonderful. Fought through Cincy’s 8am traffic – got to the place early anyway. The facilities were gorgeous. Had a tour and a Q&A session, then went to classes. Advanced Jazz Improv. Oh man. THey literally just jammed for an hour…the teacher gave some guidance and some awesome tips (which I wrote downContinue reading “College Visits Day #5: Cincinnati 4/9/14”

College Visits Day #4: Indianapolis 4/8/14

Drove out of Bloomington to Indianapolis for B University. Admission’s information session – saw the SAT stats, which just about ruined my impression of the school. Met the teacher, who was nice and introduced me to the Head of the Music Department, who didn’t remember me from Interlochen. After, we went to a rehearsal ofContinue reading “College Visits Day #4: Indianapolis 4/8/14”

College Visits Day #3: Bloomington 4/7/14

Today was god-awful.  We drove 4 hours – waking up at 4:30am (or 2:30am) to do so. Forgot about the stupid time change from TN to IN, so we missed the tour we scheduled at Indiana University, but caught the next one. The weather was awful – cold and rainy.  Rushed to the professor’s houseContinue reading “College Visits Day #3: Bloomington 4/7/14”

College Visits Day #2: Nashville 4/6/14

Woke up late (frustratingly…I heard my alarm go off and ignored it) around 9am. Aka 7am – when I always automatically wake up. Thank god for that, too, or I would have missed my lesson. Rushed to Blair to meet the professor (after a pitiful breakfast). The lesson went well…we talked about degree options, thenContinue reading “College Visits Day #2: Nashville 4/6/14”

College Visits Day #1: Nashville 4/6/14

So…I’m doing college visits. Flew out of the airport at 11pm. Sucky flight. Only 4 hours long, and got to Nashville at 4:45am Nashville time. Also known as 2:45am my time. My eyes hurt the entire day. I slept shamelessly at the airport Starbucks – my mom was so kind as to inform me thatContinue reading “College Visits Day #1: Nashville 4/6/14”

Spring Break 2013!

School is finally over! I have never looked forward to a break so much. Well, maybe last winter break. I *really* needed that one. This break, since piano is over, I’m going to focus on getting my driver’s permit, finishing up summer program apps, hanging out with friends, and relaxingggggg. Summer apps: I’m applying toContinue reading “Spring Break 2013!”