an ode to studying

undetermined coefficients a flicker to the computer screen to look this up a flicker to the wrong tab a flicker to facebook a flicker to a buzzfeed article on kristen stewart and queerness a flicker to a bunch of articles on queerness a flicker to my thoughts on queerness a guilty glance back at underminedContinue reading “an ode to studying”

YM. Again.

Yes, again. Yes, the day after the last post about the same exact guy. Sorry. We went to the study session (not together), but after, the entire asian guy crew (Yes, all of them) waited for me. I think I’ve been assimilated. I’m officially…an asian guy. They even invited me to their Skype session last night.Continue reading “YM. Again.”

Studying with Asians

‘Twas the weekend before finals week, and all the asians were studying. True story. I went to SNK C’s for the study session. Remember him? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I love that guy. He’s genuinely kind, easy-going, and always tries to make things easy for others. He’s into music. What’s not to like? I can talkContinue reading “Studying with Asians”


I just had two people over for a study sesh. And you know, I think they’re my friends. It’s pretty exciting, when you aren’t trying to make friends but you end up doing so anyway. And they even talked of inviting me to concerts, and ice skating, and whatnot. Which was surprising to me, becauseContinue reading “Cramming…ish”

Midterms and Madness

I’m so relieved right now! I just finished the week-long panic attack that is midterm week. Math on Monday. It was a bit of a wreck. I completely guessed on quite a few questions. I’m not used to that, but then again, it is a AP test. I definitely saw others doing much, much worse.Continue reading “Midterms and Madness”

Wiz Khalifa – Work hard,….nah just work hard.

So it’s been so freaking busy I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone blog! School is way on it’s way now. Quick-ish run down: chem we switched seats, but that’s ok because my table is pretty awesome. We’ve bonded. Theres EZ, this friendly smart slightly awkward guy, there’s KC who’s a pretty, popular cheerleaderContinue reading “Wiz Khalifa – Work hard,….nah just work hard.”