Midterms and Madness

I’m so relieved right now! I just finished the week-long panic attack that is midterm week. Math on Monday. It was a bit of a wreck. I completely guessed on quite a few questions. I’m not used to that, but then again, it is a AP test. I definitely saw others doing much, much worse.Continue reading “Midterms and Madness”


…and that’s what my week consisted of. never have i ever truly ‘crammed’ for a test, simply because school has always come easily to me.  Well, not anymore.  tried to study tuesday night for chem, realized i completely didn’t understand it, crammed wednesday night from 3-5, then again from 10-1. i actually went to theContinue reading “Cramming”

early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)

Wellllllll Lots going onnnnn So on Tuesday, it was 1-3-5. Guess what I got to do? Remember that test I ‘failed’ oh-so uncharacteristically? Well, turns out, I just bubbled in the wrong test form. I actually got minus 4……a 93%. And guess how I found that out? BY GOING TO SCHOOL AT 6 IN THEContinue reading “early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)”

ERC leaves (3/5)

K so monnnndayyyyy Was my best friend ERC’s last day at school. Was the first day I ever failed a test in my entire life. Was the first day I made a new friend at track. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So lets start from the beginning…… I woke up right on time, ate breakfast. I finalllllly wore myContinue reading “ERC leaves (3/5)”

yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5

i woke up, wore yet another i-couldnt-care-less outfit, because i really couldn’t. i just don’t feel like trying this week… hoodie jeans and sweater. all in grayish-blue and grey. blah, blah, went to school. went to 1st, my friend P wasn’t there. i didn’t really care that much because i was just so tired andContinue reading “yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5”