well just practiced (or tried to practice) spreading for about half an hour. did not work. at all. i started by reading at a normal pace and timing. then i would [try] to spread it and time that. i took the difference and wrote it down. then i tried to beat my spreading time. wellContinue reading “spreadin”

Day 3 of debate

So, as you know, i had a raging awful fever. so i turned off my alarm. there was no way i was getting up at 5:30 to slice bagels with a fever. screw that, so i went at 11:15. yeah i slept in till 10:30. that NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. so i went, talked toContinue reading “Day 3 of debate”

debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy

so good and bad stuff. i am going to put each day on a separate post for the sake of organization. so this is day 2. i already blogged day 1. alright, so i get up at like 5:30 so i can get ready and be there by 6:30. when i get there, all theyContinue reading “debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy”

1st surprisingly fun day of debate tournament

so the weekend that i have bend dreading has come. quick run through of school: woke up on time, mini workout check, for check, 4 sandwiches check. spanish boring and my friend goofing off all hyper while i practically slept drooling on my desk. she walked with her soccer friends so i sort of straddledContinue reading “1st surprisingly fun day of debate tournament”