2014 Music Camp #14: 7/28

On my period…yeah. MF took a nap from breakfast to lunch – I really should have, too, because I got nothing done. Chamber coaching went well. MB was down again, but I texted her that MF missed her, and she joined us for lunch – hah. We talked a lot after lunch (which was fun),Continue reading “2014 Music Camp #14: 7/28”

~Summer Escapades~

Oh summer. I love that you allow us kids to actually do things we love. You allow us to figure out things, to experiment, to make connections, to find ourselves, to screw up. To take chances. To explore the world, to explore ourselves. So Friend PD and I went out on a run. An adventureContinue reading “~Summer Escapades~”

pushing through the week

it’s odd. no matter how much i do, whether it be very little or very much, i ¬†am always completely exhausted after. take this week. it was a three day week. wednesday, thursday, friday. that’s it, but i still barely made it through without collapsing into a mess on the concrete. i piled every singleContinue reading “pushing through the week”

piano and life in general

piano is going ok. last week i got a really good commentary from teacher, tons of improvement. this week, though, it sucked. she hit me hard. i’ve only got a month left until the test, and this is what i’ve been working towards from the very beginning. which is why water polo was a bigContinue reading “piano and life in general”

del mar fair!

so today i got up nice and early and went to my school’s cross country meeting! i’ve been debating for a while on whether i should join it or not, and i’ve decided i will. it started out just as a way to keep in shape (and it still is), but now i think it’sContinue reading “del mar fair!”


i’ve been so tired lately and just so sluggish. i think its partly beasue of the whole waiting list thing. so i had 1-3-5 today. spanish went ok, as did band. lunch went decent as well, and 5th i actually fell asleep. then i realized later that there was a mark from the fabric ofContinue reading “regular”

hanging with friends over prezzie day

so……i went to friend AH’s house on saturday! on the way there i picked up some movies from our local blockbuster thats closing down. sad, isn’t it? netflix taking over. I’ve got good memories at blockbuster.¬†anyway, i got it’s a boy girl thing, bratz, and the grudge. for my sleepover with bestie EMC….a horror movie,Continue reading “hanging with friends over prezzie day”

well, crush v said hi

got up. couldnt stop coughing. its getting worse. i had a great outfit planned: a loose tuxedo jacket, a sheer-ish slip-type tank, and jeans and flats. but i put it on, and i just again didn’t feel like effort. i ended up in an oversized beatles tee shirt and a zip-front hoodie. sneakers. jeans. realContinue reading “well, crush v said hi”

pleasant 1-3-5

got up did half my mini workout and was sore. not good. this is what i get for ditching it for 4 days straight. i was so tired and just out of it i didn’t bother to try. i fingered brush my hair (although apparently it looked GOOD today???…..) and threw on my go-to outfit:Continue reading “pleasant 1-3-5”