Feeling alone

I guess the sucky part of having an official boyfriend is the expectations. I was sick last night, and miserable, on the biggest party weekend of the year. He’d volunteered to stay in with me. I’d half-heartedly fought against it, and happily accepted. But on his part, his shows were superficial. He invited to hisContinue reading “Feeling alone”

I’m an idiot

WH just told me he likes me. Literally straightened my love life out less than a week ago. But more importantly, WH. I can’t believe what I put him through. I told him all my boy problems; I literally texted him a live stream of me trying to a let a guy down easily. I askedContinue reading “I’m an idiot”

Introducing: Crush AYl

Oh no. Oh lordy. Let’s put it right out there: I am attracted to a post-doc at the lab. This is obviously a problem, because he’s 28 years old (I remember purposely guiding the conversation towards his age when I first met him). And I’m 18. On the way home, I kept thinking about howContinue reading “Introducing: Crush AYl”

tons of friends :)

well where did i leave off…. oh yes, jogging. it failed miserably. i went to the gym to jog, where i just didn’t feel like it. i don’t know why. i just DIDNT have the motivation. plus when i jogged back up to put my jacket away, my calves were BURNING so bad, even thoughContinue reading “tons of friends :)”