Foreign Day #10

Sunday. I had PD over early for a physics review, but that.. er…flopped. Played ping pong with FR for about an hour – “ping pong”. We played ping pong for about 2 minutes, before it transferred into a paddle less game, then a contest to see who could roll the ping pong over the garageContinue reading “Foreign Day #10”

Foreign Day #6

So the foreign went out on an excursion today, so I went to school alone 😦  Went to piano, and picked up Foreign FR (that’s my foreign) on the way to jazz band. Then picked up Foreign TV, because he loves music and why not? Popped in, said hi to WB and CP, introduced theContinue reading “Foreign Day #6”


tons to write so I’m making two posts. the next day, on thursday, i don’t remember what i did in bio. in debate prez and novice JG debated against friend AF and crush V. crush V had this breakdown thing…idk. 6th went fine. we worked on our group project thing, and it went fine. ofContinue reading “finalssss”

parents fighting

i woke up this morning to the sound of my dad trying to get my mom to sign some document for our lawyer. and that progressed into a screaming, accusing fight, in which my dad says that she is always harassing him by not signing these documents right. i don’t know, but isn’t it ironicContinue reading “parents fighting”